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Privacy policy


CircleCount is an internet-service project of everygain UG (http://www.everygain.com).

CircleCount considers the responsible use of information to be of critical importance in enabling the internet to reach its potential as a serious tool for personal and professional activities.

As the Internet changes our lives in a number of ways, CircleCount is committed to respecting your data both public and private and operates with full transparency.

Security and ease of use is another factor. Granting permissions eliminates a registration process which means no username or password are necessary.

Why does CircleCount.com ask for permissions when I login using my Google+ account?

CircleCount asks for this information to determine if you are the true account holder. When you grant permissions, CircleCount only accesses public data. While it is possible to access this data without these permissions, the process is much more efficient when you grant access.

Security and ease of use is another factor. Granting permissions eliminates a registration process which means no username or password are necessary.

What sort of information is stored by CircleCount.com?

Only public data is stored in our database which means there are no email addresses (unless they are posted publicly on your Google+ profile). Passwords are never known to us and therefore cannot be stored.

May I view information on CircleCount.com even if I am not an active participant on the site?

If you are not using the CircleCount website to access your own statistics and take advantage of other features that we offer, you may still view the site without granting permissions. The public data displayed on the web site is updated regularly whether a user logs in to CircleCount.com or not.

For example:
1. CircleCount.com has no data on Tom
2. Tom logs into CircleCount.com granting us permissions. Tom sees he has 102 followers.
3. Tom leaves CircleCount.com and tells his friend Jane who looks at Tom's profile without logging in or granting us any permissions. She also sees Tom has 102 followers.
4. The next day Jane visits CircleCount.com via the same method to view Tom's profile. Jane now sees Tom has increased his follower count to 123 followers.

Will logging into CircleCount.com grant CircleCount access to information that isn't shared publicly?

The only additional information we get when you login are the id's of the people you have in your circles. During the login process you can choose which circles you make visible to us. We don't know the name or the number of your circles, just the id's of the people/pages in these circles.

Will people in my circles be contacted, spammed or have their personal information shared with 3rd parties?

No, we won't contact anyone automatically. We are planning features like "x was also on CircleCount" where x is in your circles, but this will be shown only to people who actively visit and login to CircleCount. This is already configurable in the settings, where you can allow us (opt-in) to show that you were on CircleCount.

Does CircleCount store information of people in your circles who do not have a Google+ profile? (i.e. are in your circles via e-mail account only)?

We do not store any information on people in your circles that do not have a Google+ profile. This is a technical impossibility.