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Dear companies,

We provide you here our 2 new business services "Export-Data" and the "CircleCount API". If you are interested, please click for further information the links below:

What our users say

I love you guys.
Thank you for supporting Google+.

Vic Gundotra - Senior Vice President, Engineering Google+

In every single talk about Google+ I've given at conferences like SMX, I always have a slide recommending CircleCount. It's simply the easiest way for anyone to get a handle on their effectiveness on Google+.
The developers are responsive to the G+ community and adding great new features all the time.

Mark Traphagen

CircleCount rocks!

It says everything, though, that's probably a little too short for a card :)

Luc Suy

Dear developers and entrepreneurs out there on the Internet, the Business Service by CircleCount is simply awesome. They are a giant source of Google+ data, ready to be integrated into your social media workflows and applications to enrich and enhance them with priceless analyses and insights. I can't recommend their services to you highly enough. You should contact them right now, explain your idea, and the magic will happen: a custom report / API / whatever will come to life in almost no time.
The CircleCount's team is sooooooo cool!

Giovanni Totaro

A critical factor about marketing, reaching more customers is ‘listening to them and responding’. Regardless of whether the customer/user is a newbie or an experienced one. Because your users/customers, the people they’re what doing the marketing on social platforms, ESPECIALLY on Google+. If you fail to listen to them, you’re failing to marketing.
Look at how cool CircleCount is engaging with their users on Google+.
That’s a big reason they’ve become the most used G+ application/service.

Mervik Haums

I have been using CircleCount for over a year and can't even imagine trying to benchmark my progress on Google Plus without it. The CircleCount team is incredibly helpful and have developed an incredibly valuable resource for the Google Plus community.
My highest recommendation.

Christine DeGraff

Circle Count is the number 1 tool for Google+ statistics and information. If you want to improve your engagement, followers and interactions you need to figure out where those stats are right now on Google+. Circle Count is the tool that can easily help you do that.
I fully recommend using them.

Amanda Blain


Dear CircleCount users, if you read this information about our fee-based business services, we would like to confirm you, that all current CircleCount information / services will stay free of charge!

We are committed to you and it is important for us, that you understand, that all current CircleCount internet portal-services will continue and will stay free of charge!

In the future we plan, to provide to you a fee-based "premium" service where you can order very useful additional CircleCount services / features but this will not influence our "free of charge strategy" for CircleCount. We have to react and have to find new revenue streams because our advertising revenues are not covering the server and hosting costs. In order to have CircleCount with an acceptable internet speed available we need to think also about money.

We keep the spirit up ;-) Thank You!